Out of Work Dues

Hello to our membership. For a while after the Pandemic began, the Grand Lodge waived your “Out of Work Dues”. Unfortunately, the IAM is no longer able to waive these fees, so we are asking that you fill out the form, Out of Work Dues (1), linked below and return it to Dania Perez either at dperez947@hotmail.com or mail it to 535 W Willow St. Long Beach CA 90806.

Out of Work Dues (1)


Why are Out of Work Dues important?

When you pay Out of Work Dues, you are kept in good standing with the union. That way, when you are brought back to work, you do not need to pay a new initiation fee.


How much are the Out of Work Dues?

Out of Work Dues are $5/month. You may pay for one month at a time, or for several months at a time. 


How do I pay?

Please send a check to the address above, 535 W Willow St Long Beach CA 90806 addressed to IAM District 947. Include your Local Lodge Number and name of the member in the memo line.

Updated: January 13, 2021 — 10:18 pm

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